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Grupo Transremont

It was born in San José Costa Rica in 2000 as a logistics, customs and transportation services company, to companies that were mainly under the Free Zones regime.

For the year 2011, complementary services are added in the areas of control of fixed assets, and removals, in order to propose a circle with integral solutions in the daily operations of foreign companies located in the country.

With the principle of expanding and taking its services outside the borders, operations began in Panama City in 2017 and Bogotá Colombia in 2018, adding to our circle of solutions, purchases and implementation, both closing the chain of operational needs of transnational companies.

In 2019, strategic alliances were created in Brazil, Argentina and Chile through implementation projects and purchases with transnational companies that required the support of Grupo Transremont at the beginning of their operations, in the capitals of these countries.

Currently with the opening of Grupo Transremont in the city of Madrid Spain, we connect two continents with more than 50 integrated services in 4 essential areas for transnational companies, such as: Purchasing, Transportation, Customs, Implementation.


In this way, currently the services  carried out by Grupo Transremont today maintain more than 50 countries connected around the world, forming a perfect circle in the chain of needs of transnational companies in the areas of Purchasing, Customs, Transportation and Implementation.

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